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Who We Are

New Name  // Same creativity and quality design.

We have recently updated our name to RAD Studio, which stands for Russell Architecture & Design. We've updated our brand name to an acronym that not only reflects the level of design we want to provide our client, but also a name that continues to represent who we are at the core. 



We are designers, professionally trained in planning & designing new buildings, interior spaces, or even outdoor public spaces. We facilitate the entire process for you - from the initial concept on paper to realizing the project in the construction process. Russell Studio is a visionary architectural design practice and 3D printing laboratory using the best 3D modeling & digital tools to help you visualize and realize your dream space here in Northern California.

We provide contemporary architectural services for residential, commercial and public space projects as well as 3D printing design services for inventors, business people, educators and  the creative community.

We listen, investigate, ask questions and research. Then imagine, draw, model and prototype - to create a new environment that helps you to live to your full potential and become your best self. We want our clients realize the best possible design that correlates to who they are and who they want to be.



The studio is fueled by a passion see Northern California at the forefront of architectural design, innovation, technology - where contemporary architecture & invention become the norm for the community.

Great design should be available for everyone, because thoughtful design has the ability to change the way we live personally and as a community. There is value in good design; everything we use involves some element of design and therefore it is essential for better living.  An architect is a designer, a creative, a visionary, a pioneer, an inventor, a problem-solver, and a good listener. In this role the studio strives to design creative spaces & objects that anticipate our constantly evolving contemporary lifestyles - where the spaces products we use are efficient and sustainable yet aesthetically creative.  As a forward thinking studio, our passion is to develop contemporary designs that are fresh, innovative, and challenge past design notions through creating new experiences. We are not in this business to re-create what already exists.  If you value good design as a way to define yourself and your lifestyle, we can help set you apart.

If you are a businessperson, we want to help grow your business and establish your brand. If you are a resident, we want to create the best possible living & social experience possible. If you are an innovator or inventor, we want to help bring your product ideas become a reality. We are passionate about bringing fresh vision to a design problem - ideas that challenge trends & traditions of the past.


To provide clients with innovative architectural & 3D printing services that fulfill their design vision, enhance their experience of life, and solidify their brand identity.


Ryan Russell is a Licensed Architect in California and holds a Masters of Architecture degree from UCLA. He has worked on projects ranging from custom residential and commercial to large-scale medical and educational facilities throughout Northern California.


INSTAGRAM  //  Latest Happenings

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